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We've decided on our new front page authors, and we'll be adding Jen and Robby to the staff. They were the only participants in our tryout who made it to page, and I'm extremely pleased with the work they've done so far.

We've asked them to introduce themselves via the same questionnaire Daniel and I answered when we joined SBN, the Earl Sleek version of the Proust Questionnaire. It just may be the most effective way to get to know a Ducks fan. We'll have Robby's answers up later, but ladies first. So, everyone, meet Jen...

1. First of all, give a quick bio about yourself, whatever you feel like divulging – who are you?

Well, I’m 27 years-old, Taurus who likes long walks on the beach and puppies . . . oh, wrong website.

I’m a simple girl that loves sports. I surprise most when I can rattle off scores and stats, because just looking at me, you wouldn’t think I was so into the game.

I’m also a bit of a nerd. I hope to eventually MBA in Sports Management or Marketing. I’m fascinated by the business aspect of professional sports; whether it’s the salary cap configurations or the CBA negotiations, I’m interested in learning about it. My ultimate goal is to work for the NHL, a club, the PA or an agent. I want to turn my love of the game into the thing I get paid for.

2. Secondly, what on god’s green earth drove you to become a fan of a Disney-owned team named the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim?

I, like Daniel, was originally drawn in by the movies. I was living in Houston when the franchise was launched, so I can’t say I was a die hard fan from day one. About a month or two after my family moved back to Cali in 1996, my dad took me to a Mighty Ducks game versus the Penguins. The second the puck dropped, I was in love. Plus, I was eerily fascinated by Jaromir Jagr’s mullet. I figured this has got to be a great sport if I guy can rock a style like that.

Also, I’m a girl. We’ve got some hot guys in this league – with or without teeth. I’d be lying if I didn't say that influenced my love of the sport.

3. Who is your favorite Duck of all-time? Favorite non-Duck of all-time?

Hands down, Teemu Selanne is my favorite Duck of all time. Years ago, when he was traded to the San Jose Sharks, I wrote an email to the then Mighty Ducks saying I would not be renewing my season tickets the following year because of the trade. Oh, did I mention that I was 16 years old and didn’t have season tickets? Oops.

It pains me to admit this out loud, but Steve Yzerman my favorite non-Duck. I watched him kick our ass so many times that I had to admire him.

4. Mostly because I’m curious: What was your favorite goal from the 2003 postseason? Favorite goal from the 2007 postseason?

For 2003, when Paul Kariya was knocked out by Stevens and came back to score.

For 2007, Teemu Selanne’s overtime winner versus Detroit.

5. Name the five teams that it pains you the most to see beat the Ducks. Your five personal rivals.

Easy. Sharks, Red Wings, Kings, whatever team Paul Kariya is playing for, and Vancouver . . .

I was in Vancouver and went to a Canucks game versus the Ducks. The Ducks were getting their asses kicked when they scored a goal. Naturally, I jumped up and cheered. I was boo’d by 1000’s of people. Mind you, I was in Calgary the night before and they couldn’t be more cordial when I did the same thing. Kind of soured me on the Vancouver organization.

6. What’s up with Anaheim Calling? What got you into blogging?

I started emailing back and forth with Arthur before I got the guts to post on the site. Once I mustered up the courage, I started chiming in whenever I got a free moment. When I saw that they were looking for new writers, I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m not a journalist in any way. I have random observations that I find funny and I finally decided to write it all down. Much to my surprise, AC picked me up.

7. Link love: what are some of the sites you enjoy reading?

Love the boys over at Battle of Cali. I think Earl’s cartoons are genius. I also read Puck Daddy, The Hockey News, The Sports Network, and other Canadian hockey websites. They cover the Ducks better than The OC Register does. Oh! And my favorite site is . . . :-)

8. Let’s imagine: you have the opportunity to have a sit-down interview with former Ducks GM Brian Burke, and you’ve somehow injected him with truth serum. What’s one question you’d ask him?

What the hell were you thinking trading Andy McDonald for Doug Weight in addition to signing Schneider and Bertuzzi to cap-eating contracts? You knew you were going to Toronto one day, did you want to kill the Ducks chances of succeeding without you? Other than that, thanks for all you did in helping us win The Cup.

9. How did you cope with the hockeyless lockout season of 2004-05? Will you do anything differently when the 2012 lockout rolls around?

Luckily, during the 04-05 lockout, I was living in San Diego. For whatever reason, they only showed Kings games on TV in SD, so before the lockout, I was relegated to listening to the games on my crappy Gateway laptop that cut in and out every 5 minutes. Once the lockout started. I had more time to study . . . yeah, right.

I’m praying that there isn’t a 2012 lockout. If there is, I will probably be getting my MBA around then, so more time for studying? Nah . . .

10. Personal Bragging: Name one skill or achievement you have that will (a) impress less than 10% of readers, but (b) will really impress the hell out of the ones who know what you’re talking about. Example: It took a few frustrating days, but I finally beat that David Cross-voiced radio-controlled airplane mission in San Fierro in GTA: San Andreas. That level is fucking bullshit.

I’ve beaten every Zelda game out there, with the exception of the one for the Wii. I don’t have a Wii.

11. If you had the power to magically injure any NHL player for the duration of the 2009-10 season, who would it be? Bear in mind the player’s team would get long-term-injury cap relief because of your evil voodoo.

Normally, I would say Paul Kariya. I have yet to get over his departure from the Ducks. I’ll never forget reading that he said he left because he wanted to "play for a winner." How’s that working out for you, Paul? Anyways, he’s injuring himself enough, so no magical voodoo necessary.

I’d probably go for Joe Thornton. With the exception of the playoffs, Jumbo Joe has made us his bitch. If I really were an evil sorceress, I’d divide my power over the entire Heatly-Thornton-Marleau line.

12. I’ll certainly take your input on the Niedermayer vs. Pronger debate-- who in your mind was the better defenseman for the Ducks during the three-year stretch when they were teammates?

This is a tough one. I feel like a mom that has to choose between her two kids.

Scotty is my sweet, effortlessly talented child. He’s calm and clutch. On the opposite end, Prongs is my funny, exciting, bully, that I know wouldn’t think twice when I needed him to shut down the other team. It’s almost like comparing apples to oranges. I think I’ve successfully avoided answer ing the question.

13. Ever meet anybody famous, NHL or otherwise? That’s always worth a few search engine hits, right?

I’ve had my share of run-ins with Ducks at some drinking establishments and at organization sponsored events. With the exception of two players, (I wont name names, but lets say their names rhyme with Schmeve Scheminger and Schmyan Shitney) they all have been very cool. It’s amazing how camera shy they are when you’re at a bar.

Kyle Chipchura and Troy Bodie are by far the funniest and coolest. I played blackjack with them at Casino Night and they cracked me up the entire time. Chip even let me take a picture with him like I was punching him in the face.

14. Brainstorm time: what’s one thing the Ducks could or should do to gain popularity in Southern California? Or does that even concern you? (I, for one, kind of like half-empty arenas and shorter lines, but I’m not always thinking about the "greater good".)

For the most part, those not acquainted with the organization still think the team is owned by Disney and called the Mighty Ducks. I don’t think the team is promoted enough, especially its stars. Remember how many new fans jumped on board when we got Pronger? We need another huuuuge name like that and a stellar supporting cast.

Also, lower beer prices like Arte Moreno did with the Angels.

15. How do you feel about drinking? What I’m really asking is, tell a quick story of one time you made a hilariously bad decision because of alcohol, if you’ve got one.

I trained at San Diego State, so I have many many stories.

As far as one of the dumber things I did, I was in Huntington Beach bar hopping down Main Street for my 23rd birthday. I had really uncomfortable shoes on and didn’t take them off until we started walking to the car. I decided to take them off . . . in the middle of an intersection. I sat down in the middle of the street, stopping traffic. I refused to move until I got my shoes off and when you’re drunk, buckles take a while. How I didn’t get arrested, I have no idea.

16. Back to hockey, make a wish: which current Duck – under the age of 30 – would you most like to see play the rest of his career in Anaheim?

The love of my life, Ryan Getzlaf. I can’t imagine life without him. I don’t think he’s hit his peak yet. When he does, watch out.