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Jen Goes Zen


In a change from my usual ranting and raving, I've decided to take a page out of Phil Jackson's book and get all metaphysical on your ass.

Enjoy my Anaheim Ducks themed haikus (yep! 5-7-5 haikus!)

High hopes for season
Lackluster performances
Early April golf

Big off-season trade
Lupul's herniated disc
Pronger curse is real

Broken wrist, so what?
Fractured jaw, still all smiles
The Finnish Flash lives

Finn twins united
Sexy Saku carries the team
Will Murph re-sign him?

Big hole at defense
Whitney is gone forever
Thank God for Lubo

Scotty mulls the end
Takes his turn at SC desk
Ducks screwed without him

Who is Dan Sexton?
Big Sexy? HA! Not so much.
Rookie is trade bait

How much for Bobby?
Most agree he needs to stay
Don't fuck it up, Murph

End of an era
Jiggy deserved playing time
Glad he's in the East

Olympic intro
Hello world! Hiller is here
Ryan Miller who?

Bum ankle aside
Mediocre season, Getz
I still love you, though

Should he stay or go?
Paper cut and Wiz is done
Should've played baseball

Really Carcillo?
Think you invented the ‘stache? George Parros

Scotty and Teemu
Make your decisions soon, please
And for less money

As July 1st nears
Many questions to answer
In Murray we trust?