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SB Nation - Los Angeles

Have you been to any of the new SB Nation regional sites? Obviously, I'm patiently waiting for SB Nation Bay Area on July 1st, and today saw the launch of SB Nation Minnesota, where I'm hoping they'll have plenty of college and high school hockey coverage next season. But for those who are appropriately regionally aligned with this site, you can expect SB Nation Los Angeles on June 29th.

And to celebrate, SB Nation is hosting a party at Capitol City Sports. You can find details and RSVP here. The particular specials were described to me as follows:

  • Discounted select appetizers
  • $5 wells
  • $4 domestic beers

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't really know what a well is (if it isn't a hole in the ground from which you retrieve water). Five dollars doesn't sound like too much to find out, though.

If you were too lazy to click on the link, I don't blame you-- I was winded just pasting it --but you should know that the 29th is a Tuesday and the party is scheduled for 5-8 PM. Capital City Sports is located on Cahuenga between Hollywood and Selma, more specifically:

Capitol City Sports, 1615 N. Cahuenga, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-1750