Bobby Ryan Offer

The OC Register quotes Murray as "surprised" by Ryan's comments to the OC Register last week. Murray says that Kariya had no reason to be surprised, because he informed him of his intentions to sign him and Selanne-- oh, wait, sorry, wrong free agent head games. BOB Murray says that he made Ryan an offer of five years and somewhere between 20 and 25 million. Murray says he's in no hurry. An offer of 20 million would put Ryan below Lupul and an offer of 25 million would put him just under Getzlaf and Perry.

Yawn. X goes to the press, Y says he's surprised about what X said to the press. Ducks fans say "pay X what he's worth," but the issue between X and Y may or may not be money. Ducks fans later decide the player who was 'worth so much' is a money-hungry weasel. Could the number 9 be cursed? Maybe it should be retired just so we can avoid moments like this.

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