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***Draft Teletype***


We're going to update this post as things happen here. Our Teletype for the day. Check back. Right now things are still getting under way.

3:23pm - Just talked with Scott Niedermayer. He says he's just making the rounds, no official capacity yet, but he's making his way over to the table and said jokingly, "maybe they'll have a job for me when I get there."

4:17pm - Don't know how well they're covering it on TV, but the guys in the orange Tuxedos are drawing attention here. Taylor Hall, by the way.


4:47pm - Johansen pick at 4th could make the next few picks very interesting.

5:28pm - With Burmistrov at 8 and Granlund at 9, at least one premier defenseman is falling out of the Top 10.

6:38pm - Fowler's audio interview here.

6:43pm - Bennett is indeed the highest Californian selected, ahead of Etem at 20 by Pittsburgh

7:41pm - Etem still available with the Sharks going up.