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Devante Smith-Pelly - 42nd Overall

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While 42nd may seem high, Smith-Pelly was once selected 8th overall in the OHL Priority selection with the note that he needed to fill out and get stronger. Now 6'0" 211 (up from 5'11" 180), Smith-Pelly doubled his goal total from his rookie season with Mississauga and almost tripled his assist total, tying him for the team lead in points with Casey Cizikas, who played 8 more games this season. So, based on the trajectory of his development, the reasons NOT to take the right winger seem few and far between.

Mississauga St. Michael's Majors Stats

2008-09 57 13 12 25 -4 24
2009 Playoffs 11 2 3 5 1 4

2009-10 60 29 33 62 27 35
2010 Playoffs 16 8 6 14 -1 20

Right now, he's being asked to play as a bang and crash power forward on a defensive team, and if he can realize that imposing physical potential to go along with his sharp offensive instincts, it would be possible to project him as a Top Sixer at the next level. Failing that, there is still plenty of potential here, and his weight gain shows a work ethic and understanding of his high draft position that will likely carry over to his status as a 42nd Overall pick.

Combine Fitness Testing Top 10 Finishes

Pull Strength
Vertek Leg Power Average No Pause
4 Jump Ground Time
4 Jump Power Factor


Not a Risky Business - With solid offensive tools, Smith-Pelly amounts to a skill pick in the 2nd Round. And having already filled out physically, the Ducks are taking a flyer on his ability to apply that work ethic to transforming his game above the shoulders.

Energizer - If he bottoms out as an energy player who can provide depth scoring, the Ducks will still get a much needed piece for their cupboard, where they have a lot of size players filling depth roles and not enough of what players like Mike Brown offered at the next level.


    Skill Saw - Though many potential first rounders were off the boards, the Ducks had a shot at some solid players like Tyler Toffoli or Ryan Spooner. Not necessarily better options, but different ones.