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Draft Day Story Montage

Getty Images

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After the jump, Cam Fowler and Emerson Etem's draft day stories told through the bountiful resource that is video.

By the way, we've changed our site t-shirt in honor of Cam.

Cam Fowler

Cam talks about dealing with the nerves leading up to Draft day

The waiting is the hardest part... Fowler gets a pep talk

Fowler walks to the podium and his interview

Emerson Etem

An interview with Etem just after the tenth selection.

Emerson tells Beau Bennett (also a Kings fan), "Me or you," when the Kings trade up to 15. The Kings (in Kings fashion) tell the pair of them, 'no thanks.' Etem waits and tries to keep clapping as the following teams pick.

Etem's walk to the podium

Etem's post-draft interviews and his photo shoot

Emerson meets Madden and the Ducks Brass