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***Ducks Sign Toni Lydman***

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Per TSN's Bob McKenzie, Anaheim has signed defenseman Toni Lydman to a three year contract at 3M per year.  The 32 year-old Finn made 3.15M last year with the Buffalo Sabres and posted the following numbers:

Regular Season

GP G +/- A Pts PIM Avg/TOI
67 4 10 16 20 30 18:52


GP G +/- A Pts PIM Avg/TOI
6 0 1 1 1 6 26:15

A solid skater and positional player, Lydman has regularly placed in the Top 20 in shotblocking in the NHL.  While his hitting has fluctuated, it has always been in the Top 5 on the Sabres team.  He was sidelined this year with hand and groin injuries, but played 80 games last year and 82 the year before.



Notes on 'Toni Turnover.'  OCR noted a report card for this year by our friends at Die By the Blade pointing to Lydman's inopportune turnovers.  You can't argue with that, but at the same time, statistically, it's not like Buffalo was taking such good care of the puck last year without Lydman.  I'm retooling a GvA/G chart, which I'll add below.  Turnover artist?  Yes.  Hitting his peak?  No.

Lydman GvA/G GvA/G Leader on BUF GvA/G Leader on D Lydman Total GvA on BUF
2005-06 0.80 0.85 Lydman 3rd
2006-07 0.82 1.16 Campbell (0.96) 7th
2007-08 1.01 Lydman Lydman 1st
2008-09 0.84 1.22 Spacek (0.88) 3rd
2009-10 0.73 1.15 Myers (1.15) 6th