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Anaheim Clippings - 7/14/10

Cam Fowler interview from the new DucksTelevision YouTube channel.  It's just getting started, but it looks like it's ripping everything on the NHL player without the hassle of commercials.



--Note that Tweet timestamps below are incorrect

  • Loops ruminates on how long it's been since it's been this long since he's skated

Skated yesterday. Felt good. I just realized that was probably the longest I've been off skates since I was 3 years old...less than a minute ago via web


  • Ducks Director of Publication and New Media Adam Brady Adjusting to His New Twitter Account

I'm sorry, @Alyssa_Milano. You're my first ever celebrity crush and I love you, but it's just too many Tweets. I've got to say goodbye.less than a minute ago via web


  • Jen Being Funny Offsite

Funny story. I'm the first Airbenderless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Ducks Blogs

Quackalackin' - Palmieri Steals Show at Scrimmage
Did Hoornstra get the scoop on Palmieri's legal troubles?

His arrest, on charges of resisting arrest and minor alcohol consumption, did not result in his expulsion from the University of Notre Dame and Palmieri doesn't expect it will. His court case been settled. [sic]

OCR reported that the case was pending and that Palmieri could not comment so we may or may not have been updated on his situation with the law in Indiana.

Anaheim Ducks Towel Invasions: Best of Anaheim Ducks Towel Invasions Video
Slideshow highlight of Hong Kong and Macau. It really is like the gnome from Amélie, only it's a towel, and thus it's an infinitely better Ducks blog than this one.


Stories Talks to Fowler and Etem About Their Paths to The Ducks
Great feature on Anaheim's first round picks this year. Gardiner Says He'll Skate for Badgers in 2010-11
Gardiner confirms from Camp that he'll play for the Badgers, who have been hemorrhaging players this offseason, for his junior year. He's even asked Head Coach Mike Eaves about the second assistant captaincy.

Blades' Blog: Anaheim Ducks drop Bakersfield as ECHL Affiliate, Add Eastern Team, Could It Be The Everblades?
Woody Wommack thinks the Ducks goaltenders that don't make the Syracuse team may be headed for Florida.