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Anaheim Clippings - 7/24/10

Since we did a Cam Fowler video last time, I thought I would point to this segment of The Element which gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Ducks' Pre-Draft Meeting.  The group happened to be talking about Fowler, who the Ducks pegged at third, when Bob Murray asked quite matter-of-factly why the room pegged Fowler ahead of the others?

MADDEN: Fowler's skill and poise won out over Gubrandson's character and competitiveness.  

MURRAY: We're not worried about Fowler's character at all?  Nobody has question marks, right?


  • Eric Stephens links his story on Matt Clark as part of his continuing coverage of Ducks' Prospects.  Surprisingly, we're linked in his story, where we contradict the Ducks by listing Matt with two T's.

Rising defense prospect Mat Clark is profiled in latest Ducks A-Z. And yes, it is one 't' according to the club. than a minute ago via web

  • Me linking my interview with Matt from last season, where he confirmed to me that he "normally" uses two T's, which is why his junior team in Brampton had him listed thusly.

T-Gate. I realize I'm 'just a blog' but I have him on tape: "Either way, but two 'T's is what I normally go with" than a minute ago via web

Ducks Blogs

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The White Towel - Ducks Have Kicked Tires, Now Checking Sticker Price for Bieksa
Ben Kuzma of The Province's White Towel Blog had the Ducks heavily interested in Bieksa before a Salo injury drew his availability into question. - Syvret Looking to Recharge Career...
Lindsay Kramer talks to Danny Syvret, who says he's been notified that there will be a spot or two open in the lineup come training camp, and he's looking to make it into that (presumably) 6-7 slot. Luca Sbisa: "I can beat this"
You may have missed it (because no one checks our fanshots), but Jen fanshotted this great article on Luca Sbisa thriving in Anaheim.