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***Ducks Trade Eminger; Carter Clears Waivers***


The Ducks announced today that they have traded defenseman Steve Eminger to the New York Rangers for left wings Aaron Voros and Ryan Hillier.

Voros was an eighth-round pick for the Devils in 2001.  The Alaska-Fairbanks product has played on the Rangers checking lines for the past two seasons, but New York put him on the waiver wire just two weeks ago.  He will make 900K salary next season, the last of his contract.

Hillier was a third-round pick for the Rangers in 2006 out of Halifax.  He was a fast winger with plenty of offense in The Q but has played most of his career since in the ECHL.  He will make 675K salary next season, the last of his contract.

Also, Ducks center Ryan Carter cleared waivers unclaimed this morning.

Blueshirt Banter player review for Voros from May


Voros saves the Ducks some money as a salary move and is skilled enough as a forechecker to be a factor in the team's bottom six.  He's a good skater, but not all that strong defensively, so it's hard to imagine where he'd fit in.  At 6'3" 215, with legs and fists, you want to call him a large Mike Brown, but I suppose you could also venture to say he's an Evgeny Artyukhin without the rap sheet. 

On Hillier, I don't know too much about his pro story, but he was a strong scorer on the Voracek/MacMillan Mooseheads teams. I think there's got to be some offensive upside still there, even if he has had trouble at the next level.  He's potentially a nice pickup to fill out the Syracuse roster.