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***Kariya Will Not Play This Season According to His Agent***

Paul Kariya's agent announces he will not play this season. via UberTwitter

Per James Mirtle's Twitter, Paul Kariya's agent, Don Baizley, announced that the forward will not play the 2010-11 campaign due to post-concussion syndrome.  Many teams were rumored to be interested in the left wing, most notably the Ducks, who made their interest public after Teemu Selanne announced that he had discussions with both Kariya and the team regarding the possibility.    

Kariya suffered major concussions while playing for Anaheim, often on late and questionable hits, but he took another one this past season with the Blues when Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta delivered an elbow to the side of Kariya's head.  Though he noted that it was his first concussion in over a decade, this announcement would seem to imply that the effects remain.