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***Selanne Tells Finnish Outlets He Shall Return***

According to a Finnish news outlet (Urheilu Lehti) that has been picked up and translated by TSN, Teemu Selanne has made the decision to return to the Anaheim Ducks.  Selanne says he would like to start negotiations, perhaps signing in a few days, that the recent acquisitions by the Ducks have convinced him the team can succeed, and most interestingly that he has spoken with both Paul Kariya and the Anaheim organization about the possibility of bringing his former teammate back to the Ducks.  A translation by ALLDUCKS reader ahtikullervo is available here.

Uncertainty surrounded Selanne's return this offseason after he told Finnish outlet Helsingin Sanomat that playing on a winning team would be determinative for him.  More recently, speculation has grown that the return of Paul Kariya was also a factor in Selanne's decision.