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***Selanne Signs For One Year at 3.25M***

Teemu Selanne made an official announcement to fans via the Ducks website today, and the OC Register reports the 40 year-old is set to sign a one-year deal at 3.25M with postseason bonuses.  UPDATE:  The Ducks confirmed in an official announcement that Selanne is officially signed.  And per Capgeek, the contract contains an additional 1.25M (total 4.5M Cap hit) in bonuses and a No Movement Clause.

This report comes on the heels of statements Selanne made in Finland that he intended to return to Anaheim and that he had discussed the possibility of former Mighty Duck teammate Paul Kariya with Kariya and the Anaheim organization.

Selanne played 54 games last season in a campaign shortened by injuries, namely a broken jaw and a broken hand sustained in unintentional shot blocks.  In that time, he still managed 27 goals (with 5 game winners) on 173 shots.  

Bob Murray commented on the signing here.  Also offering his thoughts on Kariya.  The Ducks hosted a media conference call with Selanne from his home in Finland.  The Ducks are tweeting quotes via the team's twitter account.  We have them for you after the jump...

UPDATE:  The full transcript is here.

Selanne: "Obviously I’m very happy to sign a deal to play one more year. I’m very excited. This is a good start to a new season."via TweetDeck

"The way last season ended, I was really enjoying hockey again after those two injuries."

"The longer I thought about it, the more I got the feeling that I'm not done yet."

"Last week or so I got stronger feeligns I wanted to play more.  I really like what Bob Murray has done in the summertime.

 "Watching the playoffs from your couch at home is tough.  Hopefully we remember that feeling and find a way to get back to the playoffs."

Selanne on turning 40: "I don't feel much different.  I don't feel 40, but if this is what 40 feels like, it feels pretty good."

"Saku's signing affected me for sure.  I said, if I decide to come back, I hope it's a team we have a chance to win with...I really believe Saku is a big part of that.  We're both happy with what our team has done."



Selanne on Kariya: "Hopefully they're going to find something that'll make both sides happy." via web

(cont) on Kariya: "All the years I played with Paul, it was so much fun.  It would be nice to play with him again."