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***Ducks Officially Announce Ryan Signing***

Anaheim has officially announced the signing of left wing Bobby Ryan just four days before the opening of training camp.  Eric Stephens has the details on the negotiation, but he notes E.J. Hradek's report that Ryan would be paid 3.25M in the first year and 5.5625M in the remaining four years of a 5 year, 25.5M contract with a cap hit of 5.1M.  

Leading up to the July 1st free agency deadline, both sides went to the press during negotiations, and Bob Murray ultimately revealed that Ryan declined a 5 year 25M offer.  Speculation as to Bobby's specific hopes in terms of contract figures centered around a three year deal, which would have given Ryan the opportunity to file for arbitration before his final RFA year and perhaps pressure a move for a pay raise, trade or even release to unrestricted free agency depending on the Ducks' situation and desire at the time.  

The sides reportedly maintained radio silence since free agency opened, only confirming a return to the table recently.  However, on August 9th, Murray said he intended to go "a different way" with negotiations in the next couple of days, and that 'way' appears to be the slightly backloaded pay structure whose 500K increase spreads Ryan's final four years into a pay that is higher than Ryan Getzlaf's cap hit, but not higher than the last two (5.75M and 6.125M respectively) years on his contract.

UPDATE: A Facebook video message from Bobby Ryan via the Ducks' Twitter account.

Also per the Ducks' Twitter, quotes from Ryan's press conference call.  The young forward spoke with Getzlaf and Perry prior to making his decision, and he seems to imply that they intend to be there after their current contracts expire and Ryan's continues.  We will link the full transcript when Anaheim makes it available.  UPDATE:  You can find the full transcript in the initial link in this post; it was added to the Ducks' formal announcement.

"I felt a lot better about doing a five year deal when I figured out what direction [Getzlaf and Perry] were headed in the future."via TweetDeck