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Open Gameday Thread Ducks vs. Canucks - Young Stars Tournament

Shall we try this again?

The Ducks get a look at a bit of a younger team (at least in terms of pro experience) for the first time in this tournament, and they'll be sporting first-rounder Jordan Schroeder, whom the Ducks passed on twice in 2009, but not first-rounder Cody Hodgson.  However, one shouldn't take inexperience as determinative of anything, as these Canucks took out the Sharks in their last outing, proving that, at least in the battle of young forwards, this is a formidable Vancouver squad.

I assume Mark Holick would like to get a win here, and hopefully the coach has found his lineup after a couple of games.  I would expect to see more of his future Crunch players and less of a kid neither the Ducks nor Crunch will see next year like Etem, but you never know.  For now, get a good look at Etem and fellow June '92 birth DS-P (not to be confused with the DS Lite or the PSP Go); they may be back with their juniors teams after this. 

This is it for the pre-preseason.  After that, it's the preseason.  After that, it's . . . I can't do it.  I'm like this right now.


UPDATE: According to, Bobkov has been cleared to play with the Ducks and is expected to play tonight.  Interestingly, he has NOT yet been cleared to play with the London Knights, who selected him in the recent CHL import draft.  In the battle between Cousineau and Pielmeier at this tournament and the impending battle with J.P. Levasseur in Syracuse, Bobkov would throw an interesting wrench into that mix, but the option to jump right to the pros is certainly there for him if the Ducks are also interested.  

Anaheim Ducks
vs. Vancouver Canucks

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010, 4:00 PM PACIFIC



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