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Welcome Back to Anaheim Calling!

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

With the return of the NHL season looming, we're experiencing a bump in traffic, and as we've somehow doubled our membership in the offseason, I think it's a good time for me to break down the Anaheim Calling standard operating procedure for the new readers and note some of our offseason changes for the returning readers.

Your guide to AC this season after the jump...

The original format for Anaheim Calling was a point counterpoint between yours truly and Daniel. However, my deal with Daniel is that he has no obligations here during the offseason, and Daniel is not the kind to oblige himself. So, if you joined us in May, you're going to be surprised that there's a person named Daniel writing for this site.

Name in Bold, All Caps Followed By a Colon
Some people find our "ARTHUR:" and "DANIEL:" formatting redundant, but as this site was built on the aforementioned point-counterpoint, you should never trust the name on the SBN byline. Anyone can be talking in anyone's post, so site policy is to identify the speaker at all times.

The Teletype
Following from that point, I should clarify that I occasionally employ a disembodied voice known as "THE TELETYPE:" for news posts. Teletype posts are essentially open threads for breaking news, big and small. I give you the bare minimum of facts and credit the source with no "blogger's perspective" added. I also encourage you to click through to the entire story, as I have no intention of taking anything away from the hard work of beat writers like Eric Stephens, J.P. Hoornstra, Helene Elliott, et al. We don't seek to be a replacement news source here, though we will give you ample warning if we are working an event as a credentialed news outlet or reporting on an event we feel is newsworthy.

Gameday Threads
Gameday Threads are a part of life on the SBN Network (Did that sound put-upon?? GOOD!). Every team blog provides two comment threads for every game: the gameday thread (for before and during the game) and the recap thread (for after the game). Our game previews appear as the lead-in for our gameday thread, and we provide only a brief summary with video highlights for the recap thread. I plan to get creative this season, but the basic gameday product will be the same.

Community Guidelines
We do not ban profanity in the comments, but we obviously expect everyone to use their best judgment and not force us to amend that policy. We will not tolerate personal attacks in the comments, and that includes harassment. Keep it civil. And if you see someone breaking that rule, flag them.

New Staff Members

Now introducing your Anaheim Calling starting lineup. On defense, your moderators, covering the gamedays and wherever else you choose to act up. Seventy-one percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water; the rest is covered by:

TheAngelsColts and Floyd Gondoli
TheAngelsColts is an active moderator, so expect to see him jumping into the play early and often. He's probably watching you, he's probably thinking about warning you . . . right now, even. Floyd Gondoli is our stay-at-home veteran. He knows this blog well, and he keeps a low profile. But you're kind of expecting that bone-crushing open ice hit, no? Show them the proper amount of respect, and feel free to contact either of them if you need something in the realm of moderation.

And on Left Wing, chirping at you from the blueline to the bench and all the way to the back of your net, veteran Ducks fan:

Jen is our humorist, a shot in the arm for our locker room. She knows her hockey, she generously doles out the acerbity and 54% of Oilers fans think she looks great in a bikini. She cyber-checked Joffrey Lupul on her first day on the job, and she hasn't backed down since. She's the on-ice attitude and the off-ice prankster that makes a team gel, and she lightens up the front page when Daniel we get too serious. (Have you met Jen?)

On Right Wing, and still figuring this whole thing out, rookie Ducks fan:

Robby's new to hockey, and I think he offers some valuable perspective as a columnist in those terms. For example, I thought the Ducks' official website was pretty good-- I grew up in the NHL's Sportschannel America era if that's any indication of my lowered expectations --but Robby had no problem calling "meh" on it. And Adam Brady had no problem replying, "Dude, it's getting there!"-- I'm paraphrasing. In hockey team terms, Robby's the rookie who asks the veterans, "Why do you guys do it that way?" Then me, Daniel and Jen stare blankly at each other thinking, "Why DO we do it that way?" Valuable guy to have. (Have you met Robby?)

Uh, I guess you can pencil-in me and Daniel as Center and Goaltender. I'll take pivot since Daniel doesn't skate very well. (Have you met us?).

Crunch Coverage

Anaheim found an AHL affiliate, so why shouldn't we?

Magics Johnson, the creator and scribe of Syracuse Crunch blog Chairman How's Glorious Army, has graciously agreed to stop by from time to time and update us on the goings-on with the Ducks' prospects stationed in Upstate New York. It's a delicate time for Anaheim's cupboard, both for the talent gestating now and the ducklings waiting in the queue. Magics gives us an educated and attentive eye on the action back East, and he delivers it in his trademarked and colorful panoply.

In Closing

Last season was rough, but even in times of success, the site motto at the bottom of every gameday will still read "FOWL!" We just respect bad magumbo* too much to get overconfident. However, we are, of course, hoping the team improves upon last year's product, and we're looking to do the same thing for you. Comments/suggestions on what you like/dislike around here are always welcome...

*magumbo - \mə'gəm-bō\ 1 n the good and bad juju that play against each other to determine the will of the hockey gods. -ORIGIN Swahili. Often used in the phrase 'bad juju magumbo.' See likely correct spelling "mogambo" and the 1953 Clark Gable film.