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Open Gameday Recap Thread Sharks @ Ducks - Preseason


The Ducks' top line looked every bit the part as Anaheim cruised to a 5-2 victory over the Sharks with a 2 point night from Ryan Getzlaf.  In the above video, Getzlaf and Carlyle discuss Matt Beleskey's role on the top line, and neither seem surprised at his success there.  Getzlaf played 20% of his even strength shifts last year with Beleskey, and Perry played about 16% of his with the sophomore Duck, who represents everything the pair look for in a linemate.  He hits, he digs out the puck, he gets it back to the Dynamic Duo and he goes to the front of the net.

All that to say . . . BOOM on any naysayers here who laughed last year when I said Beleskey looked better than Ryan on the top line.  I was never trying to say that he was a better player than your precious Bobby, just noting that he fed the dynamic more naturally as Bobby started to get a little cute i.e. LESS hitting, LESS digging the puck out, LESS getting it back to them and LESS going to the front of the net.  But I bet now you're joining the chorus of "obviously," and making all kinds of points about how Bobby is growing as a player and needs his own line.  Well, sing it.  SAANG IT!