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***Icethetics Reveals Details on Ducks' New Third Jersey***

The website Icethetics claims it has it on good authority that the new Anaheim third jersey will feature the Mighty Ducks crest as shoulder patches. Click over to read other details on the jersey, including piping gone wild.

The design for the third jersey was reportedly finalized more than a season ago, but the Ducks decided to delay its release to give the team's recently re-branded designs time to take hold. Last month, the team announced that the players would debut the new third jersey as they take the ice to face the Blackhawks on November 26th. They also revealed sparing details on the design in their press release, noting that the front of the sweater would feature the team's new crest, a "D" stylized to resemble a webbed foot, but would also pay "homage to the club's history."