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***Ducks Announce an 81-game TV Schedule***

Today, the Ducks announced their TV Schedule for the upcoming season. As per the recent trend, none of the preseason games will be televised, but surprisingly, all but one of the Ducks regular season games will be broadcast. The lone omission is a December 21st game against Buffalo which falls in a mandatory blackout window for the VERSUS network.

PRIME TICKET and FS WEST will shoulder 63 games on the Ducks' schedule, while KDOC HD will broadcast 17 of their contests. The remaining game (@Boston on 12/20) was announced last month as part of the VERSUS broadcast schedule for the year.

The Ducks experienced a significant bump in television ratings last season, perhaps the only upside to fallen ticket sales, and that motivated KDOC to add a few games to its broadcast package after the season was already underway. The local television network will add high definition this year, and six of the 8 games they air after the all-star break will be broadcast during the weeknight primetime hours.