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Open Gameday Thread Blues @ Ducks

Next Game

St. Louis Blues
@ Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011, 7:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: St. Louis Game Time

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Off topic, but in the video above, if you look in Jonas Hiller's stall, you'll see a 1 dollar ($2?) bill posted to the wall. Curious.

Hiller and Perry will be headed to the All-Star Game, with Cam Fowler participating in the SuperSkills amongst the rooks. The three have undoubtedly earned it, playing well on a team desperate for steady performers. However, it's also refreshing to see players that NHL marketing hasn't rammed down the national throat make it to the midseason event. Not that zero bias infiltrated the final roster-- 5 of the 6 goalies are from the East --I'm just glad the Ducks didn't get the worst of it.

As of this writing, Kyle Wellwood is out in the waiver ether, hoping to clear his path to the St. Louis lineup by 11 a.m. The Blues are struggling enough to pick up Wellwood, but with only 41 games played, they have a decent cushion to try and make a move like Wellwood stick.

A big congratulations to former Ducks head coach Ron Wilson who picked up his 600th win in a game that sealed San Jose as the undisputed last place team in the Pacific Division. Wilson has my favorite quote about Anaheim:

"I tell ya, those [bleeping] Ducks will drive you crazy,"

-September 12, 1997 to the LA Times' J.A. Adande

Amen, brother.