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Open Gameday Thread Oilers @ Ducks

Next Game

Edmonton Oilers
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Jan 16, 2011, 5:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: The Copper & Blue

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It must suck to be the Oilers (although, it's worth noting that that same record is only good enough for the Islanders to be SECOND worst team in the Eastern Conference).

The most annoying thing about being the Oilers must be the assumption that teams are "supposed to" beat you. In the Sharks' recent losing streak, everything was supposedly improving until they lost to the Oilers. I anticipate a similar narrative for the Ducks going into tonight's game. Coming off a tough loss to the Coyotes, a loss to the OIlers might herald a return to questions of inconsistency in the minds of most fans. It may even herald a return of questions of inconsistency in the minds of most Ducks, something no one wants before a road trip.

Anaheim has yet to log a regulation win over Edmonton this season. So, if they are the NHL's community bicycle, the Ducks have yet to get that leisurely Raindrops-Keep-Falling-On-My-Head ride through the countryside. They've had to earn it every time before, and they'll have to earn it tonight if they want to go on the road feeling good about themselves.