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Pretend To Be a Habs Fan; Vote For Saku Koivu

A snippet from my talk w/the Ducks center and former Habs captain: "It’s going to be a night that I will remember for the rest of my life."via web

Maybe they'll let him come out after the three stars anyways. Maybe he'll pull a Mike Modano and come out wearing the old Habs jersey (as inappropriate as that might seem to some, especially if the outcome of the game favors his old team).

But what you hope happens when Saku Koivu returns to the Bell Centre, what matches the cinematic expectations of this kind of homecoming, is that he plays so well that he's voted the game's first star. Then, an entire arena, still sore over the loss, extends his three strides under the spotlight a little longer. They stand for him, as they once did, and they cheer much longer than the obligatory period they've paid their stars throughout the season. They stand until they mean it, and much longer. They clap until they mean it, and much longer. They linger until the gratitude gets the best of them . . . and him.

It's a mise en scene that Koivu and the fan base have earned, though circumstances have come between them. And as a Ducks fans, I join with Floyd in his recent fanpost, and insist we join the campaign to vote Koivu the first star and make this moment happen.

Register with Molson, and vote Koivu the first star of the game. Voting begins ninety minutes after the start of tomorrow's game.