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AC's Fantasy Draft Recap

I'd rather play for Jen, not Nate.
I'd rather play for Jen, not Nate.


Greetings fantasy hockey fanatics! We had a tremendous turn-out on draft day. Let's get caught up on everything that went down last Sunday.

First up, the twenty-team deep Head-to-Head Keepers League. This draft was by far the most challenging for me. Team Need More Boyntons was fortunate enough to have the first pick and went with Stephen Stamkos (a safe and wise choice). Unlike many fantasy drafts, goalies were being drafted early and often. It got to the point where I had to take James Reimer in the fifth round. Also taken in the fifth round were Teemu Selanne (by Team Dynasty H.C.) and immediately after Cam Fowler by Jen (Team Light Treason), of course. Having drafted with Jen before, I really shouldn't have been surprised at some of her picks as her draft strategy is, well, unorthodox. To be honest, I was dumbfounded at quite a few of them. All in all, this was probably the most competitive draft of the day. There was a lot of banter going back and forth as well as some odd draft choices that will be intriguing to watch the rest of the year.

The next draft began as the first draft was ending. The Head-to-Head Default League was more of your typical fantasy draft. With the first overall pick, Team Getzy15 took Alexander Ovechkin first overall; while Team Hockey Heroes was bold and drafted Bobby Ryan high at fourth overall. Jen (Team Never Nudes) was more patient in this draft and took Cam in the ninth round. Ironically enough, I had moved Cam into my queue just prior to Jen's brilliant choice. I'm still not thrilled about getting left with Kevin Shattenkirk. As anticipated, goalies were plentiful in the late rounds in comparison to the previous draft. I even took Ray Emery in the 14th round and subsequently got chirped by Jen because I gave her a hard time for taking him in the other draft (in the second round, mind you).

The third draft of the evening was much like the previous. Although set in your Classic Rotisserie League format, this league drafted eerily similar to the head-to-head league. In fact, my teams for these two leagues are almost exactly the same. Again, Ovie was taken first overall by Team ATX, and a Duck, Corey Perry, was taken fourth overall. Once AGAIN, I get screwed. Cam was taken just as I had moved him to my queue, only this time he was taken immediately prior to my turn (Curse you, Team Ducks and Pucks). This time, I took Alex Goligoski as my consolation in the ninth round. For some reason, this league was adamant about drafting defensemen. It got to the point that Team ATX decided to take the unsigned Brian McCabe with the last overall pick (Take that Brian Campbell! Your spin-o-ramas are for shit in fantasy hockey.)

The final draft of the evening was the longest. This Head-to-Head Expansion League was keen on letting goalies fall and not just by comparison. I was stoked to see Jonathan Quick laying there in the fifth round, so I gladly snatched him up. This was also the first draft where the randomized order was gracious enough to keep me out of double digits. I took Daniel Sedin second overall, as Ovie was once again taken with the first choice by Team Caleffi Killers. This time, Bobby was taken fifth overall by Team Kings of Bedside, immediately after Perry (Team "StacheofPain). This 27 round draft saw names being drafted that I didn't know even played in the NHL. Hell, even Avery got taken in the 23rd round. Going forward with this league, there should be a lot of waiver watching and player movement.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated. You all made this a very fun day. I look forward to updating (and beating) you throughout the season.