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Win Free Ducks Tickets! Say Wha? Girl you must be trippin'

I Love Free Stuff
I Love Free Stuff


SB Nation has partnered with a company called TiqIQ to bring fans like us affordable tickets. If you haven't already done so, click on "Tickets" tab at the top of the page and check them out. And since they are partnering with us, they'd like to give us the opportunity for free tickets - who doesn't love free tickets?!

Ok, here are the details on how you can win a $200 gift card to TiqIQ:

1) Log on to Twitter.  (If you don't have a Twitter account, get one. It's free and a great way to stalk people.)

2) FOLLOW - you must follow - @TiqIQ

3) Send a tweet to @AnaheimCalling (I KNOW you guys are already following us) with:

  • Which Duck will have the MOST penalty minutes by November 30th
  • How many penalty minutes said Duck will have accumulated by November 30th - this includes regular season games already played in October
  • Must include the hashtag #TakeASeat (no hashtag = no contest)
  • Want an example? Here you go: @AnaheimCalling Jonas Hiller 4343827 minutes #TakeASeat

Now for the boring - yet important - stuff, the rules.  You MUST tweet your pick on or before October 31st. If don't you include the information above in your tweet, you're DQ'd. You can enter as many times as you like, BUT there are no "Price Is Right" rules here. The winner will have to list the EXACT number of penalty minutes for their player. If two people list the same player and the same number of correct penalty minutes, the person that sent their tweet FIRST will win the prize. The winner will be announced on December 9th. By sending out your tweet, you agree that you've read and understood the rules and requirements listed above. So, no tears ladies if you screw something up.

Best of luck to everyone! GO!