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Open Gameday thread: Ducks vs. Sharks

Hello...I was wide open!  Why doesn't anyone pass it to me?!
Hello...I was wide open! Why doesn't anyone pass it to me?!

Next Game

Anaheim Ducks
@ San Jose Sharks

Monday, Oct 17, 2011, 7:30 PM PDT
HP Pavilion



Your Enemy: Fear The Fin

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Just a week ago we were all freaking out after the typical 1-4 loss to start the season, followed by a whiff that ended up eeking out a shootout win. Somehow, after barely scoring any goals in the first few games, we're talking about giving up the fewest goals to start off a season in franchise history and going 3-1-0. The Ducks are off to the best start since that remarkable 2006-07 season.

Anaheim is boasting a red hot goalie. Jonas Hiller has gone from being a huge question mark to a return to glory. A defensive core that seemed questionable, but is somehow working. A penalty kill that's went from marginal to, quite frankly, dominating. A power play - expected to be great - that is starting to click and finally some scoring to get excited about.

The Ducks head up to San Jose to take on those pesky Sharks in the sardine can for their second meeting in just three days. While the scoring slump has hopefully been shattered - thanks to an extremely awesome and enjoyable Corey Perry night - the momentum will need to continue if the Ducks hope to grab another two points.

I would expect that Jonas Hiller, the Shark Killer, takes his spot between the pipes tonight, even with this being the second night in a row for him. A few other questions remain in the air in regards to the line up. With Kurtis Foster available to return after his brief conditioning stint in Syracuse, we might wonder if Randy Carlyle chooses to NOT fix what isn't broken and keep the lineup as it is. And while we’re speaking of what’s possibly broken, we're still waiting on that 2nd line to find some chemistry and start clicking.

Tonight will be a different beast for the Ducks to tackle. San Jose won’t be happy about getting shutout on Friday, and they won’t be happy about losing to St. Louis on Saturday evening either. Not to mention the Ducks are likely to feel a bit of fatigue themselves, having traveled right after last night's game.

This is a big game for Anaheim so early in the season. Time to keep the momentum going, take another two Pacific Division points, and continue to build on their confidence. Plus it's the Sharks. It's always fun to beat them.

Your fans are enjoying this version of October, boys. Keep it up.