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Kane’d In Chicago: Ducks 2, Blackhawks 3 (SO)


Well, at least we got a point! This isn't the best way to begin a long road trip, but hopefully, we've all learned a few lessons tonight. I sure have!

Lesson #1: Never confess your secret love for non-Ducks, especially Patrick Kane.

Lesson #2: Don't talk about the shootout. (I did say that I wanted us to win in regulation, though. And everything - everything - before tonight suggested that if the game went to a shootout, we would win. Just saying).

On to the recap...

After a scoreless first period, Captain Getz hit the back of the net just 58 seconds into the second (Corey Perry was responsible for the assist). Things were looking up - after all, Chicago had killed the last 11 power plays that it had faced. And this was the first PPG that the Ducks had scored since October 8. Good, right?

But then He Who Must No Longer Be Named struck, setting up a Marian Hossa goal with a devastatingly good spin-o-rama. (Why couldn't you do that, Bobby?) Teemu got the lead back before the HWMNLBN Line struck again to even the score. There was an OT period, and then some bad stuff happened in the shootout.

The good, the bad and the ugly after the jump.

Jonas Hiller. He faced 35 shots and only allowed 2 goals. I speculated that Dan Ellis might start in net (after the debacle against Phoenix), but no one takes care of business like Jonas.
• Teemu Selanne. He scored his 640th NHL goal tonight, and he also had 5 SOG (tied for the most SOG with the Hawks' Michael Frolik). He was also the only Duck to score in the shootout, and - get this - he even blocked a shot!
Bobby Ryan drew some penalties and created some good scoring chances. Atta boy.

Ryan Getzlaf took a step forward and two steps back. Ugh. But he led all forwards in ice time with 21:13, and won half of his draws (he only took 22, but that's still saying something).
Brent Seabrook had 7 hits tonight, and most of them appeared to be on Patrick Maroon. Welcome to the NHL, Pat!

• He Who Must No Longer Be Named, Marian Hossa, and Patrick ‘Good Hair' Sharp. They were collectively responsible for both Hawks goals. I still like HWMNLBN, but I wish he would save his sick assists for games against the Canucks, Sharks, Kings, Wings, or Team Canada.
• Dan "Carbomb" Carcillo. He eagerly tweeted about ‘Duck Hunting' tonight, and attempted to start something with Teemu. Respect your elders, man.
• The shootout. I don't want to say that much about this, but I would encourage you to direct the lion's share of your rage towards Getzlaf's lukewarm attempt.
• Chelsea Dagger.
• The Hawks fan who threatened to send a sulfurous fart cloud in my direction.

Take a breath everyone. Off to face Minny on Thursday. (I will end this recap by not saying anything about Dany Heatley.)