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Beauchemin Blasts Fisher in Ducks 3-0 Loss


I've been waiting for one of those games this season where the Ducks absolutely lose their shit - tonight was that night.  For 13 seconds, the Ducks had a shot to win the game. Once that 14th second arrived, and the Predators scored their first goal, the Ducks were finished. They had nothing, plain and simple.


-- Hmmm...looks like Devante Smith-Pelly is over the flu! Hooray for solid foods! He played his first game tonight after missing the last two with a stomach bug. For those of you keeping score at home, that puts DSP at 8 total games played.

-- Francois Beauchemin and Toni Lydman lead the team with 5 blocked shots each. I believe the goalpost blocked around 5, as well.

-- Bobby Ryan lead the team with 4 shots on goal and 5 hits.

-- Aside from that first goal, I'd say that Jonas Hiller had a decent game stopping 26 of 29 shots. We all were hoping he'd be the miracle exlir the Ducks needed to beat the Preds. He very well could be if the team in front of him would give some support.

-- Congrats to the giant spaghetti monster Pekka Rinne on his 100th career win. It was probably the easiest win of his career.


-- The highly controversial hit Francois Beauchemin put on Mike Fisher. On the Forecheck (Preds site), has some great stills of the hit. This is going to come down on how the Shanahammer views the play. Was it targeted at the head or was it incidental contact? I'm really not sure. The good news is that Fisher skated off the ice under his own power; however, he promptly left the game and never returned because of an "upper body injury". Will post video when I can find it.

-- We relish in the fact Corey Perry gets under the skin of pretty much the entire NHL. I've taken to calling him "The Little Pest That Could". I think the Ducks have found their version Corey Perry in Jordin Tootoo. He drove the Ducks insane during the post-season and that has carried over to this year. His ability to draw calls on Anaheim's biggest guns is second only to his ability to get them pissed off enough to overreact afterward. I don't like to use the word 'hate', but I can honestly say that I hate that guy.

-- George Parros got worked over by former Duck/Crunch Brian McGrattan. The Predators plucked McGrattan off waivers after the Ducks sent him to Syracuse.

-- I don't know why, but Luca Sbisa seems to be in the coach's doghouse. I can't remember seeing him in the third period at all. The d-parings seem to be the only lines that Carlyle hasn't shaken up. We'll probably see Kurtis Foster in place of Sheldon Brookbank at Columbus.


-- The entire game. Ok, maybe there were five good minutes total. By the end of the game, we saw the Ducks team we're used to at the beginning of the season - struggling for an identity, trying to do too much, and short fuses.

-- Once again, the combination of Ryan Suter and Shea Weber shuts down the big line (and all the combinations of the line). I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying they just might be the best defensive pair in the league. We can only hope that Nashville has to do a Sophie's Choice at the end of this season.

-- How does a team with three (3!!!) 30-plus goal scorers only have 20 goals in 10 games? I guess we should be happy that 14 of those 20 came from Teemu Selanne, Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Corey Perry. Secondary scoring? Practically non-existent.