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Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report (Pt. 1)

Giant spaghetti monster Pekka Rinne - Fantasy stud and nightmare for the Ducks
Giant spaghetti monster Pekka Rinne - Fantasy stud and nightmare for the Ducks


I’ve decided to borrow Earl Sleek’s approach of bringing you the Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report. Since we have four leagues, I'll be reporting on the Keeper League and H2H Expansion League today. The other two leagues will be reported on later this week.

AC Keeper:

Cologne Hockey Frogs (1st) vs. SLODucks (5th)

SLODucks wins 10-2!

MVP:  Marc-Andre Fleury earned two wins (including a shut-out) and had 0.96 GAA and .962 SV% on the week.

LVP: Brett Connolly with goose eggs across the board with the exception of one shot and one hit for the week.

Goalies for both teams had decent weeks, but SLODucks’ skaters made the difference by going 6-2-1.


Natesaduck (2nd) vs. Wisco Badgers (8th)

Natesaduck wins 12-0!

MVP: Brad Boyes with two goals and three assists on the week contributed significantly on the offensive for the skaters on Natesaduck.

LVP: Thomas Vokun posted 3.81 GAA and .861 SV% for Wisco Badgers. Seems to me like a freak week. Gotta think he’ll pick it up next week.

It was a pretty decisive week for the skaters, however it could have easily gone either way with the goalie match-ups.


Tsujimoto’s Katanas (3rd) vs. Magumbo Admin Keeper (13th)

Magumbo Admin Keeper wins 9-3 in a stunning upset!

MVP: Joe Pavelski had three goals and two assists on the week to carry Magumbo Admin Keeper’s offense.

LVP: Jaroslav Halak had zero wins and posted 4.11 GAA and .867 SV %, but Magumbo Admin Keeper was still able to overcome yet another bad performance from a strong net-minder.

Magumbo Admin Keeper’s skaters did most of the work and enabled the team to overcome winning just one goalie category (SV % .930 to .929).


Bruce Campbell (4th) vs. LV Stormtroopers(10th)

LV Stormtroopers wins 11-2!

MVP: Claude Giroux had a huge week for LV Stormtroopers by posting two goals and five assists while also generating the only short-handed point of the week for each team.

LVP: Somehow LV Stormtroopers managed to pick up a win in one of the goalie columns (GAA) by playing Nicklas Backstrom (zero wins, 3.02 GAA and .812 SV %) as his only goalie for the week.

Once again, the skaters paid dividends for the victor in this match-up. I somehow seem to remember someone saying that goalies will dominate the league...


Dynasty H.C. (6th) vs. Snipered (16th)

Dynasty H.C. wins a close one 6-5!

MVP: I had to pick two for this match-up as the Finnish Flash had one goal, five assists, and ten shots for Dynasty H.C. while Dwayne Roloson notched a shut-out win and provided perfect GAA and SV% for the week.

LVP: Ryan Miller had a brutal week that severely hurt Snipered in the goalie category by posting zero wins, 3.56 GAA and .881 SV%.

This match-up came down to the goalies (yes, I am a genius) as Dynasty H.C. snagged three categories with one tie.


Right Wing Ramblers (7th) vs MoralesHomers (14th)

MoralesHomers wins another close one 6-5!

MVP: Jaromir Jagr and it wasn’t even close. The dude posted five goals, two assists, and registered seventeen shots on the week to help MoralesHomers get the W.

LVP: Brent Johnson took a huge bite out of Right Wing Ramblers by posting zero wins, 4.09 GAA and .862 SV% to nullify Hiller’s performance for the team and enable MoralesHomers to be the victor in two very close goalie categories (GAA 2.59 to 2.71 and SV% .908 to .907).

MoralesHomers notched an impressive win with five injured skaters on the week (Doughty, Ennis, Briere, S. Kostitsyn, and Alfredsson).


Los Rudos (9th) vs. Bobbleheads (15th)

Bobbleheads takes it 10-3!

MVP: Pekka Rinne notched two wins (one being the shut-out against the Ducks), 1.68 GAA and .943 SV % for Bobbleheads.

LVP: Milan Hejduk had nine shots, but also had zips everywhere else and was a -3 on the week for Los Rudos.

There were a number of close categories, but Bobbleheads leaned heavily on Rinne and offense to grab the win.


Kings of Bedside (11th) vs. Need More Boyntons (17th)

Kings of Bedside wins 10-4!

MVP: Kimmo Timonen posted a whopping seven assists (that Philly vs. The Peg game was nuts!) and eight blocked shots for Kings of Bedside.

LVP: Ryan Whitney probably isn’t the most appropriate choice because he was injured in the only game he played for the week, but I still just don’t like him. Zeros for everything on the week makes you a zero. No soup for you!

The goalie match-up was fantastic between these teams even though Need More Boyntons had the edge, but the skaters put Kings of Bedside over the top for the week.


LA Webbed D’s (12th) vs. Wingmen (18th)

Wingmen wins 9-3!

MVP: Fedor Tyutin was huge for Wingmen. He posted two goals, one assist, six PIM, eleven shots, thirteen hits, eight blocked shots, and was +6 on the week.

LVP: Alex Tanguay had only one assist, two hits, and three blocked shots for LA Webbed D’s this week. I’m perplexed that Tanguay played while Ryan Smyth, who had a big week, was benched.

LA Webbed D’s had the edge in every goalie department, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome Wingmen’s skaters.


Light Treason (19th) vs. I Like Toydles (20th)

I Like Toydles wins 7-6!

MVP: Scott Hartnell had a monster week for I Like Toydles. He put up four goals, five assists, four PIM, eleven shots, seven hits, and was + 5.

LVP: Although Luongo provided a win for I Like Toydles, he posted an atrocious 4.84 GAA and .848 SV% on the week.

Once again, the goalies just couldn’t bail out Light Treason and the difference was made with a number of wins on the skater front for I Like Toydles.


AC H2H Expansion:

Annyong (1st) vs. I Like Toydles (12th)

Another rough week for I Like Toydles as Annyong takes it 13-2!

MVP: Scott Hartnell was spectacular for Annyong as he posted four goals, five assists, four PIM, eleven shots, seven hits, .364 SHT %, and was + 5.

LVP: Sergei Bobrovsky was horrific for Annyong. He contributed zero wins, and had 12.17 GAA and .667 SV% on the week. Ouch.

I Like Toydles stocked up with five goalies, but that certainly didn’t help as Annyong swept all goalie categories as well as ten of the skater categories for the win.


The Stormtroopers (2nd) vs. RIP Rusty #24 (9th)

The Stormtroopers wins  9-6!

MVP: Pekka Rinne grabbed two wins (including that dreadful shut-out on Saturday), 1.68 GAA and .943 SV % to put The Stormtroopers over the top. That just doesn’t sound right.

LVP: Simon Gagne only put up a measly four shots and was -2 on the week for RIP Rusty #24. With the exception of two PIM, he was zeros across the rest of the board.

Looks like having the best name in all the AC Leagues doesn’t give you any bonus points as RIP Rusty #24 gets worked by tremendous lackluster performances from his goalies Lundquvist, Backstrom, and Nabokov.


Need More Boyntons (3rd) vs. StacheofPain (7th)

StacheofPain wins a tight one 7-6!

MVP: Claude Giroux posted two goals, five assists, ten shots, thirty-six face-off wins, six hits, four blocked shots, and was +4 on the week for Need More Boyntons.

LVP:  Matt Carle blocked eight shots and had two assists on the week, but did nothing else to help Need More Boyntons as he was -7 and put up a bunch of goose eggs to go with it.

StacheofPain (another awesome name) won a number of categories by one. Although Need More Boyntons swept the goalie front, StacheofPain’s skaters were just too much to handle.


Natesaduck (4th) vs. The Flying V (11th)

Natesaduck wins 8-5!

MVP: Erik Karlsson had a decent week for my team by posting four assists, four PIM, sixteen shots, and was +3 on the week.

LVP: Joe Corvo with two shots, one blocked shot, and a whole lot of nothing else for The Flying V.

The scoring was incredibly balanced for both teams and a lot of categories were won with a difference of one or two.


Callefi Killers (5th) vs. Biggie ATX (10th)

Callefi Killers wins 9-6!

MVP: Carey Price put up an impressive three wins and had 1.33 GAA and .950 SV% on the week for Callefi Killers.

LVP: Alexi Ponikarovsky didn’t do much to help Biggie ATX as he put up six shots, six hits, two blocked shots, and absolutely nothing else.

This was another close match-up with a number of categories going down to the wire with a difference of only one. I’m convinced Carey Price was the difference in this match-up. The dude had a monster week and helped Callefi Killers grab three of the goalie categories.


Los Rudos (6th) vs. Kings of Bedside (8th)

Los Rudos wins another close one 7-6!

MVP: Nikolai Khabibulin continues the trend of elite net-minders playing out of their minds as he also put up three wins on the week. He also had 1.67 GAA and .951 SV% for Kings of Bedside.

LVP: Dany Cleary didn’t do much to help Kings of Bedside. He was pointless and -4 on the week.

Los Rudos got nothing done with five goalies, but notched a win by virtue of tremendous skater depth.


Stay tuned for the report on the other two leagues. Until next time, you stay classy, AC readers!