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Open Gameday Thread: Ducks @ Jokerit (Exhibition)

Anaheim Ducks
@ Jokerit Helsinki

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011, 9:00 AM PT

Hartwall Areena


Radio: via

Your Enemy: Umm...Aanaaheimm Caalliingg?


The final exhibition game of the season and boy is it a special one...Toni Lydman is going back to Finland! OK, maybe Toni and Saku Koivu aren't the main attraction. Teemu Selanne is returning home and is about to face his former club, Jokerit Helsinki. i don't know about you guys, but I am on "Teemu returns to Finland" information overload. I think it's awesome that he gets this chance to face Jokerit in what is likely to be his last season (maybe, probably, sorta). Yet there are only so many ways to report that Teemu is excited to be home. I would be much more shocked if he said, "This sucks! It's cold! I'm actually Lithuanian!"

Instead of regurgitating the OC Register, NHL, and Ducks stories of the trip, I will leave you with a couple FANTASTIC Finnish commercials staring our Teemu after the jump.

Commercial for skates or an internet security system, I can't really tell.

Commercial for candy that makes you a good skateboarder

Commercial for the Finnish National Team (sounds like what you hear inside a crazy person's head)

Old school commercial with Teemu as a Jet and drinking at a bar

And finally, a chips commercial (the graphics might give you a seizure). Teemu seems to prefer pitching food and drinks.