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Open Gameday Recap: Ducks @ Jokerit (Exhibition)



I didn't realize how difficult it would be to write a gameday recap without actually seeing the game. I listened to it online (at work) and had a hard time trying to visualize what was happening. All I know is that we came very close to losing (final score: 4-3) an exhibition game in overtime, three days before the season opener. Lucky for us, one of the Finnish players knocked it into his own net in overtime. I believe the player's name was "Ryaan Getzlafshoots". As we all know, a Canadian center with the same initials always passes first. Anyway, I'm not even going to attempt a Good/Bad/Ugly for this game because I'm mentally preparing myself for the start of the season...on FRIDAY!

One final thing, a big "Con-stache-ulations" to Mr. & Mrs. George Parros from the entire AC Family. Parros' wife Tiffany gave birth to twins (Lola and James) yesterday, while her hubby was in Finland. Parros happens to be the Wild Wing Kids Club captain this year - very appropriate. All our best to the new family.