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Ducks Trade Newton & Pick to Avs for Cumiskey


As Robby reported in the Fan Shot, the Ducks have traded defenseman Jake Newton and a 7th round 2013 draft pick to the Colorado Avalanche for defenseman Kyle Cumiskey.

Let's take a look first at what we received in this trade:

Kyle Cumiskey

#10 / Defenseman / Colorado Avalanche



Dec 02, 1986

What I'm reading on Cumiskey is that he's fast, but his size causes him the most trouble. He seems to have been a work-in-progress for Colorado, since he was drafted in the 7th round by the Avs in 2005. In September 2011, Cumiskey was signed to a one-year RFA deal with the Avs.

According to our friends at Mile High Hockey, Cumiskey was put on waivers a day before the season started for the Avalanche. An interesting move from Bob Murray, seeing as Cumiskey cleared waivers this morning. (There could be some convoluted CBA rule as to why he wasn't picked up then.) There is some speculation that Cumiskey is not completely healthy after suffering a groin injury on October 5th. He's seems to have a history of concussions and groin issues. He will be subject to a physical upon arriving in Anaheim. After that, he's likely headed straight to Syracuse to learn the system, unless there are other moves planned.

What we lost...

On the 7th round 2013 draft pick - no biggie. The world is supposed to end in 2012, so we're good.

There were a lot of high hopes for Jake Newton. He was yet another collegiate free agent signing (3 year deal) back in 2010. People were in love with his 6'3 205lb frame and his gorgeous shot at the point, but beyond that, his actual defensive game was lacking. Carlyle has commented that Newton has not developed the appropriate skills to be an effective defenseman in the NHL. He, like Cumiskey, was a work-in-progress.