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Lights? Action! Ducks Still Famous For Losing

As someone who so easily bashes this team, I was grateful for the effort the Ducks put forth tonight. A little surprised as well. Obviously this isn't a glorified game or anything, but it's definitely closer to what we'd expect or hope to see from this Anaheim team.  

I was beyond thrilled to see them on their best behavior right out of the gate.  The first period seemed to propel the team forward almost as if they'd just heard Bob Murray give his famous, "the players go before the coach goes" speech.  Speaking of which, shouldn't we be hearing that sometime soon?

Regardless of the outcome, I felt like Anaheim was the better team for much of the game.  As much as I hate small victories and wimpy morale boosts of confidence, this is one that I think we need to take and run with. I hope that the Ducks are able to build on this game and look to it as a stepping stone.  In no way were they perfect, and I realize that much of the inspiration came from wanting to beat big rivals, but it was thankfully a step in the right direction.   


- Shots! Shots! Shots!

- More collective hard working minutes out of this team than we've seen in a long time.  We're still not getting 60 minutes, but 40 is way better than 5!

- Ryan Getzlaf hustle. Just the other day I was talking about how that guy has such a strong stance and physicality that you rarely see him on the ice. Tonight he dove for pucks - TWICE.  There are so many nights that I feel when Getzlaf goes, so goes the Ducks.  I just wish he would realize that.

- Andrew Cogliano gets some puck! Great to see that guy get two goals in the game, maybe this will spark him further.

- I haven't been as fired up on Devante Smith-Pelly as many others have, but tonight he really impressed me. Hard working grinder stealing pucks and playing physical. Definite plus.

- Niklas Hagman came out and impressed everyone right away.  Made a strong play and then found himself on the top line by the end of the night.  Well worth the pick-up?  I sure hope so.


- Costly turnovers always seem to
 be the downfall of this team, don't they?  Giving up shorties and game winning goals in that fashion always sting worse.

- Toni Lydman's penalty parade. Although, I do have say that I felt that second penalty really inspired the team. They managed to draw their own penalty and seemed determine to kill that ridiculous man advantage.


- 1 out of 4 possible points against the damn Kings.

- The ice was rotten. Even from
 high up in Row U I could tell the teams were struggling.  Having a full building has it's positives and it's negatives.  

- Maybe it's cause I carry the kid close to my heart but Cam Fowler was a disaster tonight. So many times I found myself yelling at him for things I once found myself glorifying him for in the past. Holding the blue line for one.

- Brad Richardson. Add that guy to my sh*t list.

[Ed. Note: What did you guys think of Carlyle pulling the goalie while on the power play? I tweeted I didn't like it and was blasted by people that disagreed.]