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Your Friendly Friday Links Roundup: The Let's Acquire Zach Parise! Edition

[Ed. Note: Kristen wrote this before today's game. So think of this as pretending the game never happened.]

He's no Patrick Kane (I had to say something, right?), but he'd be a better captain than Getz. Bobby will probably be in the lineup tonight (after suffering a hip contusion), but will that really help?

Oh - and one of the NBC announcers just referred to the "Thanksgiving Showdown" (today's Bruins-Wings game) as a 'morality play.' So much win.

  • It's rumored that Parise will not return to the Devils for the 2012-2013 season. He met with his agent last weekend, and he apparently believes that the Devils have not provided him with the adequate supporting cast to chase the Cup. Jen has Lou Lamoriello's cell number, so she'll update you guys shortly:) [New York Post]
  • Go over to BoC and read Sleek's "Ducks Lossday" post. [BoC]
  • Bobby's back, alright. [OC Register]
  • Teemu calls the Ducks "fragile." (One of those awkward and painful interviews that Arthur referenced in his post). [OC Register]
  • SK tells us what she's thankful for. [Ducks and Pucks]
  • The Anaheim Ducks Towel invades the Port Mann Bridge in British Columbia. [Anaheim Ducks Towel Invasions]
  • DSP probably won't be on Canada's 2012 WJHC team because of his commitments with the Ducks. [The Hockey Writers]
  • The Anaheim Ice Firstars Squirt AAA team (coached by former Duck Craig Johnson) won last weekend's Shanahan Warrior Tournament in Toronto. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • The Ducks are currently hosting their Thanksgiving High School Hockey Tournament (it ends tomorrow) at Honda Center, Anaheim Ice, and Westminster Ice. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • According to Arctic Ice Hockey, Blake Wheeler is about to 'break out.' [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • The 'sheer ridiculousness' of the Canadiens' injury situation. Will this help us on Tuesday? [Habs Eyes on the Prize]