New Rivarly??

Predators vs Ducks coverage

Today the Ducks will take on the team that eliminated them this past April, the Nashville Predators. Now while the playoff series was a good one, there hasn't been much talk about the veiled animosity between these two teams. Now most of you might be thinking, are you on crack? Nashville has been a team for barely 10 years and therefore don't have the kind of history with the Ducks teams like Detroit and LA have. Also the Music City doesn't have much animosity with the land of rich folks and Mickey Mouse. However, during the playoff series there was so much trash talk and insults flying over fan sites and Facebook that it sounded like there had been a rivarly for 20 years. I was one of them because as each game went on, I soon began to hate everything to do with the Predators (except for Carrie Underwood of course). Part of me doesn't really care anymore, kind of like how I hated New Jeresey for a few years following the '03 Cup Final. But, there is that little voice in my head that would love to see there to be bad blood between the Ducks and Preds. Only time will tell.

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