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AC's Secret Santa: Merry Crunchmas, Kristen (from Alex)

[Ed. Note: Every day this week, the AC Staff and a few Duck Buddies will be giving each other Ducks related Secret Santa gifts. Up first, our faithful Crunch correspondent Alex and her gift everyone's favorite linker, Kristen.]

Christmas is all about giving. Even though I'm the Crunch side of this site, I wanted to try to find something that nicely incorporated both teams for Kristen (light_the_lamp), because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I do believe I succeeded.

Kristen, I'm very happy to present you with a band-new, fully customized, fan-made Syracuse Crunch and Anaheim Ducks RC truck!



(Pictures via, user "hardrock4445")

Isn't it fabulous?

Batteries are included, of course. It's Christmas! What's an RC truck without batteries?

I hope you enjoy playing with this beauty for many, many months to come. If anything, you should get some great stress release ramming it into the wall or making it fall down the stairs. Varroooooommmmm!

Happy holidays!

Disclaimer: I do not in any way, shape, or form encourage looking around that particular forum. I've never heard of it and are pretty sure, due to some of the names I recognize, you're not going to like much of what you see. However, I applaud this creative person for their fantastic paint job!