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AC's Secret Santa: Murray Christmas, Daniel (from Robby)

[Ed. Note: Every day this week, the AC Staff and a few Duck Buddies will be giving each other Ducks related Secret Santa gifts. Up next is Anaheim Calling's dysfunctional duo. Bobby Ryan fanboy Robby bequeaths a gift upon neighborhood curmudgeon Daniel. ]

It's a Christmas miracle: Daniel and I are exchanging gifts. I'm sure this was TOTALLY serendipitous.

I kid, of course. I may disagree vehemently with him about everything, but there's no arguing that the man knows his hockey. He's been through worse seasons than the one we're currently witnessing, but enough is enough. The man deserves to get at least one of his wishes fulfilled.

That's where I come in. Without further ado, I give you Daniel's gift.


Since I'm not a Photoshop whiz, it may be tough to figure out who exactly this voodoo doll depicts. But the suit should be a hint. If only I could have found a doll that came with his own barstool.

I wanted to give Daniel a Bob Murray voodoo doll for two reasons. Not only does Daniel deserve the the opportunity to right Murray's wrongs, but I'm also legitimately curious to see how he'd use this new-found power. Would he force the Ducks GM to pull off a miracle trade for for Shea Weber by shipping off Bobby Ryan? Or would he take the safer route by forcing Murray to prank-call the Samuellis every five minutes until they fire him? Only Daniel knows.

Merry Christmas, Daniel. The next Mexican Coke is on me.