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Ryan's Last Second Heroics Push Ducks Over Kings 3-2

We needed this.

We needed a last second victory. We needed to get Bruce Boudreau his first win with Anaheim. We needed a goal that only Bobby Ryan could bring. We needed to finally get the bounces going our way. We needed Jonas Hiller to steal a game. We needed to come back after a game changing moment just to prove to ourselves (and everyone else) that we could do it.

The fact that a game like this came against the Kings makes it that much sweeter.


-- SERIOUSLY?! This time last week, 98% of us were freaking out that Bobby Ryan was going to be traded. I know he is an incredibly streaky scorer, but come on, nights like this Bob Murray has to be reminded as to why everyone wanted him. His versatility is what helps to make him an incredible player. I LOVE him with Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu. They clicked right away, and are really fun to watch. I didn't think this could happen but his addition to the line seemed to make Selanne amp up his game even more. Teemu was far more aggressive than we're used to, and was set up for seven shots on goal with the boys.

-- How Jonas Hiller wasn't the second Star of the Night, I have no clue. That honor went to Francois Beauchemin (with Drew Doughty at #3 and Ryan at #1) who I agree had a great night, but Hiller saved the Ducks tailfeathers on more than one occasion throughout the game. Jonas saved 37 of 39 shots, a majority of which came during the Kings onslaught during the beginning half of the 3rd period. Maybe Jonas should speakout more often like he did after the loss to Minnesota. He was focused and his defense helped him out more.

-- The Ducks have played as close to a 60 minute hockey game as they have all season. I think they were around a 45 minute game tonight. I don't know if this is attributed to the team finally catching on to Coach Boudreau's system or a confidence boost, but it sure is fun to watch.

-- Hey! Two goal lead followed by two unanswered goals seemed like the same story. I won't lie, I thought we were screwed. Then we ended up winning! Not only did that give confidence to the players, that gave some confidence to the fans - not a lot - but some.

-- Finally, I am all for freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Those that have been to Honda Center lately probably have seen people holding signs outside the arena with various biblical sayings. No big deal. As I was walking to meet my dad, one of the sign holders yelled, "Have you found your Lord and Savior?" To which another person a couple feet away yelled back, "Yes and he's in Denver! Haven't you heard?!" I thought that was pretty funny.


-- I've been saying this all along, I really like Matt Beleskey. He's a really good energy guy and a pest; however, he no longer belongs on a line with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry - ever. With Ryan moved down to the second line, the Twins need a puck-handler at wing. Beleskey showed multiple times tonight that he cannot handle hard passes or long distance rushes in with the puck. Nicklas Hagman was a good replacement for him. Hagman can fly, throw the body, and most importantly, handle the puck while Getz and Pears set up.

-- Didn't think Cam Fowler had his strongest game. His turnover lead directly to the game tying goal. I felt that he was second guessing himself on the ice. He seemed hesitant and at times, a little lost.

-- Don't think this is a good sign for Commissioner (Andrew) Gordon - he was a healthy scratch tonight. Most of you already know that he was unable to crack Boudreau's roster in Washington, so read as into it as you'd like. I am hoping there isn't a flight to Syracuse in his near future.


-- The spotlight on MVPerry continues to be somewhat unwanted one. We've discussed before that he is getting even more attention from teams, and much of it is by way of more physical play. Tonight was no different when former teammate (and chief doughnut inspector) Dustin Penner crosschecked Perry to the ice, and then continued to press on Corey's back. Perry was down for a couple minutes. Eventually he was helped off the ice and headed straight to the locker room. Luckily he came back to the bench a couple minutes later, but I can tell you I got a little nauseous at the site of him hunched over like that. To have a player of his caliber disrespected in such a manner should have caused the Ducks to respond. It's Penner. George Parros (or even JF Jacques) could take him. The only thing our enforcing tandem would have to worry about is Dustin sitting on them, thereby crushing their skeletons.

-- I'm sure most Kings fans aren't like this, but the ones released from the asylum tonight had been off their medicine entirely too long. Interrupting the anthem is not classy. Yelling "Rogain!" every time Getzlaf touches the puck is soooo 2009. During the announcement of the three stars, when the arena is dark, launching a half filled beer from the 400 level down to the 200 level, a row or two up from the ice, where kids are is obscene.