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Less Is Mara? Less is Voros?

The Ducks are carrying too many players, and the pending return of Ryan Getzlaf may create a Sophie's Choice situation similar to the one Anaheim just experienced with Dan Sexton, Matt Beleskey and the roster activation of Aaron Voros. If the Ducks continue to manage this situation as they have, the question becomes "who goes back to Syracuse: Brandon McMillan or Dan Sexton?"

But as both of those players are potentially useful on a game to game basis, the more appropriate question seems to be, "which veteran do you waive into the minors or onto another team, or even trade?" Whether Murray asks himself that or not, who knows, but Arthur, speaking in hypotheticals, as though we had a different general manager, who do you think the Ducks should waive/trade: Brookbank, Chipchura, Voros, Mara, Lilja, or some other player you're in the mood to dislike today?

Well, on a cash team, I suppose you want to take Brookbank and Voros off the table. I'm not sure if someone will put a claim in for them, and a continuing contract or a seven figure contract buried in the minors may be a headache Anaheim shouldn't undertake. Although, I will say that, as Murray has recently been willing to take on more salary toward and after the trade deadline, putting Voros on the wire should be an option.

But the logical answer is a defenseman. Carlyle has an affinity for inserting size into his lineup for the sake of that night's opponent, so Voros has more theoretical value than Mara or Brookbank, who have been seemingly inserted into the lineup to keep them fresh and not to exploit the value of their individual talents. Also, as Mara has already expressed his discomfort with being placed on the scratch, I'm having a Boynton flashback.

And maybe for that reason alone, I go with Mara. As was the case in New Jersey, Brookbank is probably saved by his contract, and Lilja has played well enough to unseat Mara, so I just don't see why we wouldn't swallow Mara's salary for the remainder of the season if he's the least prepared to play off the scratch. Lilja and Brookbank seem to bask in their Non-Roster-Invitee-type status, so why not keep them?


I really want to say Mara, too. It's logical, seeing as how unhappy Mara is, that he be moved. Still, I'm a little unhappy with Voros. The Ducks have a lot of defensemen, but there isn't a competition for spots. We've solidified the rotation, and barring the acquisition of a Top 4 guy, the rotation is set.

The real problem is the forward lines. The revolving door on the third and fourth lines is affecting Lupul's consistency and maybe the sanity of Sexton and Beleskey. We have a number of young forwards who need NHL minutes to enhance their skills and their value to our organization. Voros is eating up a roster spot we can put to better use. The 8 man defense is certainly a problem in keeping forwards up, but I tend to think there's no point keeping a young guy with a 2-way deal in the NHL if he can get more minutes in the AHL. Voros is taking ice time that needs to go to a younger forward.