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Open Gameday Thread Wild @ Ducks

Next Game

Minnesota Wild
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Feb 25, 2011, 7:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: Hockey Wilderness

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Personally, I think Emery should get the start. Dude already has the mask. Granted, coming from Philly, the colors matched, and all he had to do was paint over the P (and it would be nice if he nixed B-Hop in favor of Shane Mosley), but what a waste to have him sitting there, opening and closing the bench door, maskless.

With the addition of Dan Ellis, the Ducks have made some modest noise on the way to the trade deadline. Is there still noise to be made? A loss tonight may set some clamor into motion. A poor start from Dan Ellis might also determine the extent of that clamor.

The Ducks will need to keep the shots against down from their 33.1 average and closer to Ellis' 23.9. And Ellis will need to see to it that that goal is is not achieved by means of a blowout that eliminates the opposition's need to put more pucks on net. Ultimately, the team can't expect their goaltender to steal points (though that would be nice and you honestly never know with either Ellis OR Emery), and for all parties involved, this is going to be about keeping every game winnable for as long as possible.

For all the talk this season of jobs being on the line, it's trade deadline time, Murray time. For once, it's true.