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Open Gameday Thread Avalanche @ Ducks

Hey, who are you?  Where's Craig?  --The team decided to go in a different direction.
Hey, who are you? Where's Craig? --The team decided to go in a different direction.

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Colorado Avalanche
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Feb 27, 2011, 5:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: Mile High Hockey

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Every now and then, I need the Ducks video production crew to remind me that we're out of the playoffs, and it's time to crack jokes and enjoy the failure. Why not hype the Oscars, which air during tonight's game? It's like their promise not to distract us from the Academy Awards ceremony with a win. Though, how awesome is Kyle Chipchura's reaction at the end. "BLACK SWAN!!!" as he lurches toward the camera in rare creeper form. "Natalie Portman and Jackie!!"-- I assume he means the girl who played Jackie in That 70's show, Mila Kunis. "A couple of REALLY good scenes in that one." Kyle Chipchura, getting right to the point since 1986. [Italics presented as a courtesy to those who think me commenting on Wingdings and goalie masks are submitted for their serious thought and consideration.]

For those of you looking for a winnable game to make you feel better about yourself, and perhaps successfully prevent you from watching the Oscars, tonight has the makings of such a game. The video production crew's programming decisions aside, the Ducks aren't really out of it yet. The Avalanche may be-- at the insistence of their front office, from the looks of it --and the team represents three remaining games on the Ducks schedule. If Anaheim can't out-will a team playing with diminished urgency tonight, then I eagerly await the sequel to tonight's video.