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Open Trade Deadline Thread


Vancouver Acquires Date Anaheim Acquires
F Maxim Lapierre
F MacGregor Sharp
February 28
F Joel Perrault
3rd-Round Pick (2011)

Anaheim Acquires Date St. Louis Acquires
Brad Winchester
February 28
3rd-Round Pick (2012)

The trade deadline looms.  The organization executed a minor deal last night, swapping minor players with the Boston Bruins, but it's unclear if the Ducks will be active when the sun comes up.  Bob Murray has added the likes of Dan Ellis, Jarko Ruutu, and Francois Beauchemin since February 1st, thus addressing some obvious holes in the lineup.  Unfortunately, plugging the holes hasn't added any knots to the team's boat speed.  In fact, they appear to have encountered some inexplicable drag.

Daniel, the Ducks aren't obvious sellers or buyers, and they've already made the obvious purchases, but Murray is Murray.  So, do you think the Ducks will make a move at the deadline?

The Ducks will make more moves, if for no other reason than Murray is still carrying an extra defensemen. Sutton probably needs to go. He's just too expensive to keep on the bottom pair, and Fowler doesn't seem ready to take off his Lilja training wheels yet. I'd still love a Jason Blake upgrade. Sutton and a high pick or prospect could get that piece for us. Then we'd have a Blake-McMillan-Sexton third line. Not awful, until you realize there will still be nobody to get Sexton the puck.

Honestly, I think Murray just can't help himself. He'll see a Ducks team that is still on the outside of the playoff picture and has to make one more acquisition. By the end of business today, the Ducks will be at least 3 points out of a playoff spot. Murray will try to do something. I don't think it'll be a huge splash of a deal, but Murray will pick up someone. Although, I think the best move would be unloading Sutton for a pick and calling up Bonino.


Yeah, I think that if a single general manager's purse string gets loose today, Murray will be on top of it to make a move.  It's like Black Friday for him.  The quality of the move he makes probably depends on the other general manager more than Murray, however.

You kind of hope it will be a good deal.  It seems like Bob wades through the roster he constructs every fall, just praying that someone is looking to deal come spring.  I mean, he threatens to deal players in the middle of the season, but he never does.  It's probably obvious to him that players aren't working, because he does, eventually, get rid of them, but if he could really smooth talk a GM into turning Ryan Whitney into Lubomir Visnovsky, it would happen in December, not at the deadline.  

So, if someone is willing to help him turn Andy Sutton into something better, it will happen.  But if that's not on the table, you figure he'll pull the trigger on whatever IS on the table.  It's just his way.