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Open Gameday Recap Thread Flames @ Ducks

The Ducks gave up a point, again, but successfully left with two, again, as they doused a Flames comeback with a 5-4 overtime win at the Pond.  

The good magumbo battlecry for the evening was "RYAN MOTHERFOWLING GETZLAF," and while it was, once again, Corey Perry, who delivered the deciding blow, the opening goal and three assists was not a bad night for the Ducks captain.  The overtime goal was Perry's second, Francois Beauchemin added a tally, and Teemu Selanne put the biscuit in the basket to send the game into an extra session.

Kiprusoff was pulled after an early flurry, and the Flames held long enough to make a comeback, which was ultimately spoiled by a pair of late penalties.