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Jen(ny)'s Choice Revisited

Hey brother...
Hey brother...

Earlier in the season, I looked at the hypothetical situation of having to split apart the Triplets (Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Corey Perry) when Getzlaf and Perry's contract were up. When offering up the question to the readers, many seemed to be ok with the thought of having to say buh-bye to Corey Perry in this situation. As I write this, Corey Perry scored both goals (making him the league leader in goals!!!!) in a 2-1 victory over defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Let's play the game again, while realizing it's very unlikely (for now). Since Joffrey Lupul was shipped off, it looks like the Ducks will have enough cap space to eventually re-sign both Getzlaf and Perry to long-term, high dollar figure deals, while still carrying Bobby's contract. Unless Bob Murray does something nutty and takes on a gigantic contract, we'll keep all three for a few more years.

So, back to the game, looking at the guys this season, who do you send packing?

Bobby Ryan - Our adorable blue-eyed baby. As predicted, Bobby is scoring right where we figured he would be, and he's still extremely streaky. For a while, it seemed that when Corey would score, Bobby would do the same not too long after. At 24 years old, he's got a really bright future, and he's ours - for five more years. Bobby has size and unbelievable hands. When in the zone, he's unstoppable. There are still no words for his overtime penalty-shot winner versus Detroit. Watching him skate is like a graceful moose. Although, as of late, he's tailed off (with still decent numbers) as he descends into another down streak. Yet, knowing Bobby Ryan, he'll bust out in a huge way, but will it be too late for the Ducks chances this season?

Ryan Getzlaf - This pains me to say this, but he has really let me down this season. As a self-described Getzlafologist, I find myself pretty much enamored with anything he does, so when I say he's let me down, you know I really mean it. Ever since he got the "C," his play has faltered. He's slow and makes stupid turnovers and passes. Yet, somehow, he still manages to end up with a ton of multipoint games. He's still got the shot (when deciding to take it) and unbelievable passing skills (if LOOKING). Dare I say he's gone soft? When he does turn it on, he's one of the best in the league. Could the playoffs (should the Ducks make it) be when Getzlaf finally decides to give it all and remind Ducks fans why we all were obsessed with him in the first place?

Corey Perry - Yeah, we know, he's kind of a douche when he plays, but that was why we loved him. How many people thought that he'd play himself into contention for the Rocket Richard AND the Hart Trophy? (If you say you did, I call BS.) Like Saku Koivu did down the stretch last season, Perry has taken the Ducks' hopes and dreams upon his creepy flesh colored beard. By far, Perry has become one of the most difficult players to play against in the league. The fact that the league (and even east coast writers) are FINALLY taking notice should be a huge signal that this kid is something special. I think one of the most telling things is that he's proven that he no longer needs Getzlaf to be successful. Perry is an obvious choice for Ducks MVP, Hart nominee, but will he be able to continue to shoulder the burden and push the Ducks over the edge?

My choice? A lady never kisses and tells.