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A Baseball Gimmick Comes To The Pond

All You Can Eat Seats are a prevalent promotion at baseball games these days. It's a smart way to draw fans who are wary of the localized, inflated economy that is the ballpark concessions stand, where the cost of a single trip can easily exceed the price of your ticket.

The Ducks have revamped their concessions this year and, as much of that renovation and rebranding came with the assistance of Aramark, it was only a matter of time before the All You Can Eat Seat came to the Pond. And so it has.

For the April 6th game against San Jose, the Ducks will have All You Can Eat Seats starting at $50 per person. The All You Can Eat seated will have until the end of the 2nd intermission (and a limit of 2 hot dogs, 2 sodas, 2 bags of peanuts, and 2 containers of popcorn per visit) to raid the two 400 level locations of the Hot Dog Stop to their heart's content (and cardiologist's dismay).

I'm seriously considering it, and I've never purchased a promotional ticket package to the Pond in all my time as a Ducks fan. I have, however, showed up to a game on an empty stomach and found myself staring at the concession stand menu prices like a peasant in the Weimar Republic window shopping for foodstuffs.