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Chirping the Bench: "Crunch"ing the Numbers

With the team's win over Hershey Sunday, our season officially came to a close. Here are some interesting numbers for you all regarding the Crunch, some in high anticipation of next season:

Final record: 35-38-3-4

Record for our last 20 games: 15-5

Top scorer, just Crunch uniform points: Kyle Palmieri, 51 points (22-29)

Top scorer, all points: Patrick Maroon, 56 points (26-30)

Top scoring defenseman: Mark Mitera, 22 points (6-16)

Top defenseman, +/-: Joe DiPenta, +10

Kyle Palmieri's points ranking among AHL rookies: 5th

Nicolas Deschamps' points ranking among AHL rookies: 10th

Nick Bonino's points ranking among AHL rookies: 11th

Goalie records:

Games played Wins Losses GAA SAV%
Ray Emery 5 4 1 1.98 .943
Jean-Philippe Levasseur 45 13 23 3.01 .912
Timo Pielmeier 37 16 17 3.09 .906
Igor Bobkov 2 2 0 3.51 .917


Attendance total over 40 games: 206,158

Attendance average over 40 games: 5,164

Our attendance average isn't bad at all when you consider that a sellout for our building is a little over 6,000 people. It was, despite what our coach seemed to think, pretty much on par with previous seasons, whether they were winning or losing. Crunch fans are still one of the strongest and most consistent in the league when it comes to support, no matter the on-ice record.

I'm still hopeful we can continue to support your Ducklings. I loved what I saw to end our season, and I don't want to go through another building year. I think we can do so much working together. I hope our respective front offices can reach an agreement.

Good luck in your playoff run!