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I Think This Is It . . . It's a Hit


The above video is provided for your review. While I expect some sort of discussion of late hits, blindside hits, and various Zapruder Film breakdowns in the comments, I don't have too much to add as far as my opinion. I think Ruutu catches the outside shoulder, but that doesn't mean he doesn't also catch the head. I also think Ruutu approaches from a lateral angle, but that doesn't mean he didn't establish himself in front of Erat at all. Argue as you see fit.

Honestly, though, it's just not the kind of hit that I feel sparks a discussion; it's not all that impressive. I'm not even sure that he intends to do anything untoward (though I can hear the rabble-rousing Predators fans grumbling the name 'Ruutu.') If Erat spots Ruutu in time, that's not even going to be a hard bump. Doug Weight smoking Brandon Sutter-- that's a hit worth discussing, a hit where the guy is absolutely erased, and you have to ask yourself what the game loses for the sake of that danger and what the game might lose if a player cannot be secure in his ability to put his shoulder into another player's chest (regardless of whether or not he does, in fact, get the chest at which he is aiming).

What I actually think is worthy of discussion is Bob McKenzie's tweet afterwards:

Ruutu hit on Erat appears late. Our video guy says 24 frames from release of puck to contact. 30 frames=1 sec. NHL std: > .5 secs is late.via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

That's right, folks. By video review, Ruutu is exactly 0.3 seconds late. Now, if we can just get the 3DHD footage and isolate the .5 second frame, then we can determine whether Ruutu continues to build speed toward Erat at the 0.5 mark or if he holds up at all. Does he make an angry face during the 0.3 seconds? Obviously, if he continues to build speed and sneer at Erat after the .5 seconds in which he is, by NHL law, required to understand that it will be a late hit, then we can infer malice aforethought and involve the Nashville authorities.

He is NINE frames over the legal limit, your honor. Why is the TSN 'video guy' wasting his time in broadcasting instead of working for CSI Toronto??? . . . the world is an imperfect place.