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Calling For Contributors

We've got three fat guys, one skinny girl and two pissed off goalies.  We need some medium sized backup, ASAP.
We've got three fat guys, one skinny girl and two pissed off goalies. We need some medium sized backup, ASAP.

Anaheim Calling's first dip into free agency during the last offseason produced Jen, Robby and our two moderators, Brett and Travis. It's a strong lineup, one of the finer crews on SBN, to be sure. So, am I happy with that? NO! I want MORE!

If you haven't heard, we're looking for a few good pens.

The drill is the same as last year. We'll take submissions during the offseason as a form of tryouts. The good ones will make it to page, and we'll just keep going until we know who we want.

The openings are essentially: columnist, gameday writer and reporter.


We're looking for exactly what we have in Jen and Robby, i.e. a particular perspective on Ducks news and events. You're looking at a commitment of about one post per week.

Gameday Writer

SBN requires its blogs to publish both a Gameday Thread and a Gameday Recap Thread. I begrudgingly comply. I take my cue for what a Gameday Thread should look like from Earl Sleek, but really, it's a regular post that most people will read if they want to chat here on a gameday, and you have the freedom to make it your own.


The opportunity occasionally arises for me to put my journalistic experience to use. We sometimes interview prospects, cover prospect events, and of course NHL events, like last year's Draft. As opportunities become available, I have classically answered the bell, but I am hoping to find someone to take over for me in the future, so if you feel you fit the bill, let me know.

Now, if you feel you've got something to contribute, something we're sorely lacking, something that doesn't fit the job descriptions above, then feel free to suggest as much.

In terms of rules, there aren't too many, and I can give you a breakdown via email. One of the key rules is that we don't use copyrighted photos (though the infringing photo in this post would seem to indicate otherwise). I also bleep cursing above the comment line. But that's usually the limit of my editorial interference.

If you would like to join the staff of Anaheim Calling, shoot an email over to anaheimcalling[at]