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Open Gameday Recap Thread Sharks @ Ducks

M-V-P!  M-V-P!  Four power play goals and a Corey Perry hat trick put the Ducks 6-2 over the Sharks.  Fowler, Selanne and Blake (all with the man advantage) added tallies, but Perry's second goal would hold up as the gamewinner, his 11th this season.  

The Kings clinched a playoff berth, putting two of the three California teams into the postseason, and with the Anaheim win, the Ducks have held position at 7th in preparation for a home and home with the crosstown club.  The Dallas Stars, with three games to play and trailing the 95-point Ducks and Blackhawks by four points, have a home and home series of their own with the Avalanche starting tomorrow night.  Our collective eyes turn to the Lone Star state.