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Ducks Take John Gibson 39th


The Ducks were expected to take a goalie at some point to address the franchise's need. They did exactly that with the 39th pick they acquired from Toronto. Murray seems to believe John Gibson wouldn't make it to their next selection at 53. Gibson is the top ranked North American goalie according to Central Scouting. He was the 37th overall prospect in the TSN rankings. You can also read a brief synthesis of his abilities that I put together from a few reports that I read, here. Gibson is a big guy at 6'3" and takes up a lot of the net. He is strong positionally and has a good head on his shoulders, very focused. The Ducks got the goalie they needed in the organization. Gibson is going to the University of Michigan in the fall. It's a safe bet he'll be there for a few years before he ever wears a Ducks sweater.